Friday, August 26, 2011

We're so close to the end, and now as we head into California, I am particularly grateful to all the friends and family who have chosen to support the tour with their attendance.  I'm from Northern California, (hometown: Watsonville) and all my family is in the bay area, so the San Jose game was a chance to have many special people attend.

Stephanie, Wesley, Dan and Joe behind! 

Wesley's a charmer!
We had just come from Salem, Oregon, where my niece Stephanie and her son both attended their first ball games ever!  Her husband Dan had trouble understanding why it had taken her so long to have such an enjoyable experience- he's been a baseball fan a long time!

Ann, Jerry and Joe in front of Arby, our motorhome.
On the way down to San Jose, we got a chance to stop for lunch with Ann (high school friend) and Jerry in Concord, CA-

Once at the game, I got some fun time with my nephew, Bryan and his daughters, Maya and Madelyn. I wished Jocelyn could have come!
Bonnie, Maya, Madelyn and Bryan.

These girls DO know how to have fun.  And ball parks are glad to provide equipment to make that possible.



Good friends are very important.  Jerry and Missy are very strong supporters of this tour, having joined us now for games in Trenton, New Jersey, Burlington, Vermont and now San Jose!   They plan to come to next Tuesday's game in Sacramento (Aug 30) and the last game of the season in San Bernardino, (Sunday, Sept 4).  They definitely win the trophy for most games attended as fans!

Missy, Jerry, my brother Chris, and his friend Joe Rafferty!

My brother Chris George has been a great supporter too!

Aunt Rosemary, me and my cousin Nancy.   

Nancy's very focused on the game. 

Nancy's brother Doug, her mom Rosemary, and Nancy herself get very active in the YMCA audience participation exercis!  
Last but not least, I was thrilled to find some of my best friends from Watsonville High School in the audience-  

In front, Noris and her husband Doug- behind, Kathy and her husband Ed.  It's been great staying connected through Christmas cards for 45 years!!

It just doesn't get better than this for me.   

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